Home Travel Travel through the Old City of Ljubljana, Little Heaven in Slovenia

Travel through the Old City of Ljubljana, Little Heaven in Slovenia

Travel through the Old City of Ljubljana, Little Heaven in Slovenia
Travel through the Old City of Ljubljana, Little Heaven in Slovenia
Travel through the Old City of Ljubljana, Little Heaven in Slovenia (credit earthtrekkers.com)

Content IDTravel through the Old City of Ljubljana, Little Heaven in Slovenia. The country of Slovenia is a coastal country of the Alpin Sub in the south, including in a country in the Central European region which borders directly with Italy, Croatia and Austria. Has a tourist attraction in the Old City of Ljubljana which is interesting to explore. Come, see the following trip.

Ljubljana, Enchanting Little City

Ljubljana (pronounced Liubliana) is the capital and largest city in Slovenia, being the center of culture, education, economy, politics and administration and independent since 1991. Ljubljana is one of the smallest state capitals in the world, despite the facilities and beauty that the city has this little is very complete.

In addition, Ljubljana is ranked as the safest city in the World, so if you like yourself, especially for female travelers, you don’t need to worry about exploring this city alone. The origin of the name of the city of Ljubljana is indeed unknown to its source.

In the Middle Ages both the river and the city were known by the German name of Laibach. Then alternatively the city is called Lublana in many English documents, Lubiana in Italian and Lublana in Silesia.

However, many experts argue that the name Ljubljana itself comes from the word Ljubija which comes from the original name of the Ljubljanica River, which is the name of the river that runs through the city of Ljubljana.

Dragon as City Symbol


Besides being famous as one of the smallest capitals in the world, the city of Ljubljana is famous as a symbol of the dragon. Proven a lot of dragon symbols in all corners and corners of the city. On top of the tower of Ljubljana Castle, the Dragon Bridge, decorations on the banks of the Ljubljanica river, even the city flag has a picture of a castle with a dragon on it.

According to residents of the City of Ljubljana, these dragons symbolize strength, courage and greatness. And the use of the dragon symbol in the City is inseparable from local legends about Slavic myths, regarding dragons which are believed to have inhabited the Ljubljanica River and attacked the city.

Then successfully defeated by a knight and hero from Greece who was running away with his girlfriend and happened to be anchored in the Ljubljanica River.

Interestingly from the City of Ljubljana

Many things can be explored from this old and beautiful city named Ljubljana. This small city was given an award as European Green Capital in 2016 because it was very concerned about environmental preservation. It can be seen from the large number of people who are active in using paddles, the rubbish is neatly organized and sorted according to type and means of transportation of public buses made from gas that are environmentally friendly.

In addition, Friends Traveler can also enjoy the architecture of old buildings in the style of the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau which can be seen throughout the city of Ljubljana. A Traveler’s friend doesn’t need to worry about getting lost when exploring this old city, because this city isn’t too big either. But Friend Traveler can use the city tour services too, by only paying 4 euros.

Access to Ljubljana

As the capital and largest city of Slovenia, access and accommodation to get to this city is quite easy. Ljubljana has a lot of hotels that can be easily accessed at Travel Traveler’s favorite traveling sites. The city is only about 20-25 kilometers from Joze Pucnik airport or commonly called Brnik Airport.

A Traveler’s friend can use an airport taxi at a slightly higher price of around 35 euros. Take a suttle bus that operates from the airport to the city of Ljubljana and operates every hour for 4 euros by paying directly to the driver. The distance between the airport and the old city of Ljubljana is approximately 45 minutes.

Thus the journey in the beautiful old city of Ljubljana was a paradise in Slovenia. A Traveler’s friend can make a destination at the end of the year.

source: resort.id