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Top 8 vertical screen games with extremely beautiful graphics, you should play

Vertical screen game

Content ID – Besides daily activities such as studying and working, smartphones also meet people’s entertainment needs, especially in playing games. Today, I will introduce to you a list of 8 most attractive vertical screen games that you cannot ignore. Let’s find out through the article below!

1. Vertical screen game “Candy Crush Saga”

Candy Crush Saga is one of the vertical screen games that has become the dream of many gamers with its endless appeal. Although it has existed for a long time, it still maintains its top position thanks to its attractive gameplay. To pass each level, players only need to complete specific objectives and take advantage of some support tools.

Vertical screen game
Vertical screen game “Candy Crush Saga”

Basically, the player must match three candies of similar color and shape in horizontal or vertical rows. Each move counts as a used move and the game sets a limit on the number of moves in each mission.

If the player is able to form shapes like L, T, X by combining 4-5 candies , they will receive special bombs that help complete the task easier.

2. My Talking Tom

The vertical screen game “My Talking Tom” has attracted many young players. In particular, even 5-6 year old children can explore this interesting game on their own. In this game, players will be involved in taking care of a small cat. Every day, we will visit the game to provide food, water and Tom’s favorite fruits to help him grow. 

Vertical screen game
My Talking Tom

Notably, this cat also has the ability to repeat the player’s voice, creating interesting experiences. We can completely toy with Tom by touching his hands, feet or head, creating adorable reactions.

3. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 , a vertical screen game with beautiful graphics, has attracted the attention of many players. In this game, the player will take on the role of a mother, whose task is to lead her children through different levels. With the difficulty increasing with each level, players need to stay calm and focused to complete assigned tasks.

Vertical screen game
Monument Valley 2

To win, players must grasp how to find the right path. The music is suitable and attractive , changing flexibly with each level, promising to bring hours of great entertainment for everyone.

4. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless running game that has become a passion of many teenagers. When participating in this game, players will take on the role of Jake – a mischievous boy who makes trouble on trains. That is also the reason why Jake is often chased endlessly by the guards and their dog.

Vertical screen game
Vertical screen game – Subway Surfers

After completing a series of diverse missions, players can unlock other characters such as Brody, Ella , etc. Furthermore, they can use coins to own their favorite character models.

By applying skills to avoid obstacles such as train barriers and train cars , and paying attention to collecting coins along the way along with picking up other items, players will easily overcome the challenges in the game. this vertical screen.

5. Yong Heroes

Yong Heroes is one of the popular role-playing games that has created familiarity and provided a great entertainment experience. With vertical screen gameplay, this game allows players to easily play the role of 4 different character classes: Dao Kha (warrior with close combat and morale), Thuong Kha (warrior with close combat and magic). , Vu Chuc (range warrior and magic), Sword Guest (close combat warrior and damage).

Vertical screen game
Vertical screen game – Yong Heroes

With 3D graphics and modern drawings, Yong Heroes attracts players with its rich swordplay spirit. The game possesses a diverse arsenal of skills, helping players always feel attractive and not repetitive.

6. Mekorama

If you’re looking for an adorable puzzle game with engaging graphics and varying difficulty levels, Mekorama is the perfect choice. This vertical screen game will bring interesting and challenging experiences, making you have a headache to complete the missions.

Vertical screen game
Vertical screen game – Mekorama

In Mekorama, players will take on the role of a robot named B. Your task is to control robot B to overcome obstacles and avoid other robots, to reach the destination marked in red in each level. degree. 

The developer has targeted all types of players, so parents can consider letting their children try Mekorama to train their minds and logical thinking. The game is designed on a vertical screen, making it easy for players to operate and can even be played smoothly with just one hand.

7. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an exciting vertical screen mobile game , inspired by pop and retro art , with more than 150 characters of this style. Your main task is to help the animals cross the road by avoiding vehicles and other obstacles, just click to move forward and swipe sideways to change positions. The difficulty will gradually increase as the number of vehicles increases and moves faster, requiring players to be careful and agile to complete the mission.

Vertical screen game
Vertical screen game – Crossy Road

To avoid boredom, the developer designed the game’s scenery to continuously change according to the player’s travel journey, from city to countryside, from mountains to rivers and streams…

Crossy Road’s graphics have a style similar to Minecraft or Mini World Block Art , giving players a strange and exciting feeling. The objects in the game are designed with bright and lovely colors, suitable for all ages, especially young children. The manufacturer also put a lot of effort into building the character, each move has its own effect, adding excitement and fun to the game.

8. Tinker Island 2

Tinker Island 2 is the sequel to Tinker Island, which attracted the attention of players with its unique survival adventure experience and was developed by Tricky Tribe with beautiful graphics. In this vertical screen game, you will continue to play the leader of a group of survivors on an abandoned island. 

Vertical screen game
Vertical screen game – Tinker Island 2

It is your responsibility to make wise decisions when choosing to join one of the two factions to participate in the fight, with the ultimate goal of gaining control. Success in the game depends on your ability to fight both the opposition and the monsters that threaten your existence.

To survive on the island, you will have to perform tasks such as building tents, collecting firewood and searching for food. As a leader, your decisions will have a profound impact on the fate of your entire team. In addition to finding ways to survive, you also need to improve the stats of your team members and develop weapon tools to face and defeat dangerous monsters.