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This is the Secret of the Kansai Airport, and makes the backpackers happy

This is the Secret of the Kansai Airport, and makes the backpackers happy
This is the Secret of the Kansai Airport, and makes the backpackers happy
This is the Secret of the Kansai Airport, and makes the backpackers happy © businesschief

In the past, for most people, the airport was just a place for airplane stops to carry and drop passengers. Now, the airport is also one of the tourist destinations for travelers. One of them is the airport in Japan and is a gateway for travelers from abroad. Kansai Airport, located in the city of Osaka, not only has cool architecture. The facilities inside the airport are complete, making this place friendly for foreign tourists, especially backpackers.

With unique architecture and the position of the building which is located on an artificial island covering an area of ​​4 km, the airport is an attraction for tourists who like to linger inside the airport. Exploring every corner of Kansai airport is an exciting activity by visiting other destinations and these 4 facilities make Kansai Airport special.

Musala, Can Be Used by All Religions

For Muslim travelers, of course, they cannot leave the worship service 5 times a day. Well, inside this Kansai Airport there is a small, but clean Mushala located on the third floor near the waiting room of the Korean Air airline. If you are confused, ask the officer at the airport.

Musala at Kansai airport is quite unique. Musala is not only used for prayers for Muslims, but can be used for worship for other religious communities. Here there are ablution facilities, mukena, even provided the Koran and books about Islam. The Muslim community in Osaka also often holds regular meetings at this Musala. For those of you who are curious about this Musala, please prove it yourself if you are at Kansai Airport.

Lounge, Backpacker Can Stay for Free

In Japan, hotels with affordable lodging costs are mushrooming. However, it never hurts you to try to stay at the airport. With a limited budget, backpackers usually prefer to stay in a lounge located at Kansai Airport, if you arrive at the airport at night. There are several lounges. Some are charged, some are free.

The lounge at Kansai airport is very comfortable. His condition is clean and deserves to be a place to treat fatigue after a long journey. Although sleeping on a chair, backpackers feel at home. Besides being free, the items carried are also safe while we sleep. But don’t forget, prepare our passports. From time to time, airport officials check every visitor who stays at the airport.

Free Wifi, Free Online Solution

This is one of the factors that makes backpackers feel at home spending time in Kansai Airport, Osaka. Free Wifi. A fast connection really spoil the user.

Wifi at Kansai airport is not protected with a password, so we can directly connect to the internet either through laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. In addition to enjoying free wifi, visitors also use the power outlets at the airport to charge the gadget’s battery.

Toilet, technology with soundproof system

For those of you who are going to the toilet to defecate, but you are embarrassed by the noise during urinating that can disturb other visitors, this toilet at Kansai airport suits you. This is the uniqueness of this toilet. Flushing Sound facility.

Flushing Sound is the button in the toilet seat in the Kansai airport toilet. By pressing the Flushing Sound button, the sound that is heard when urinating, will not be heard. In Japan, making noise during bowel movements is a shame. If this system can be applied in Indonesia, surely we will feel comfortable when urinating, without disturbing others. If you want to take a shower, there are bathroom facilities in the Lounge, but you will be charged a fee of 500 yen.

That’s the Secret of Kansai Airport that spoil backpackers. Besides being free, the free facilities inside the airport are also a solution to minimize our budget when traveling to Japan. If you are going on an adventure to Japan, adventure on every corner of this airport.

source: resort.id


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