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The place with the worst pollution in the world

The place with the worst pollution in the world
The place with the worst pollution in the world
The place with the worst pollution in the world (photo harvard.edu)

contentThe place with the worst pollution in the world. One of the most dangerous threats that exist on our earth is pollution. This pollution has damaged almost every aspect of our lives, ranging from the most vital such as water and air to food. Pollution also makes many scientists uneasy, because there is no solution.

Pollution occurs because of the rapidly increasing human population and human self-discipline. There are so many things that must be saved and cleaned, but humans prefer to act as they wish. If left unchecked, we will be tormented by our own actions. Here we summarize, the five places with the most severe pollution.

1. Dzerzhinsk, Russia

This place was the center of chemical weapons manufacturing during the Cold War. The city has a population of around 300,000 thousand. And all these residents, their lives are always threatened because the land they step on has been polluted by deadly chemicals.

The population age in this city is the shortest in the world. The average population of this city can only survive to the age of 45 years. That age is 20 years younger than the age of death in Russia.

2. Linfen, China

This place is also claimed to be the place with the most severe pollution in the world. Smoke always surrounded the Linfen sky in Shanxi Province. However, residents in this city seem to have gotten used to it. The children play happily in the smoke (without wearing masks) and swim in the dirty river.

Three of the city’s residents each day breathe thick smoke. They also drink from water sources that have been contaminated with arsenic. This is due to the very poor management of coal factories and mines. In this city, you will find it hard to see long distances, because your visibility is blocked by smoke.

3. River Ganges, India

The Ganges River is a holy river that is the center of worship of Hindus in India. However, who would have thought that this river became the river with the most severe pollution in the world? Yes, this river has been polluted by industrial waste from the surrounding factories.

Not only that, but the sacred river the Ganges is also littered with residual fertilizer from the surrounding agricultural land. In addition, the ritual disposal of corpse ashes in this river, where the amount of ash washed away continues to increase, making the flow of the river Yamuna to Ganga polluted. However, Indian residents will be happy to continue to bathe and drink water from this holy river. It is estimated, 580 people die every day due to water pollution in India.

4. Kabwe, zambia

This city is the second-largest city in South Africa. The city is contaminated with heavy metals which can cause nerve and brain abnormalities in early childhood. This city was once the largest mining center in the world.

Contamination of heavy metals that pollute water and air causes quite severe illness. People here generally have lung disorders and super high blood pressure. The IQ of children here is also very low because their brain cells are damaged due to environmental pollution.

5. Chernobyl, Ukraine

This place is very famous because of the nuclear leak that occurred some time ago. As a result of the leak, 5.5 million people were infected and suffering from thyroid cancer. This nuclear leak is the most severe leak in the world.

Lots of people come to Chernobyl to hunt strange animals. Rumor has it that due to the leaking nuclear reactor, the animals around him turn out to be weird because of genetic mutations. Some photographers also managed to find strange animals that breed in this place.

Before pollution in Indonesia becomes worse like other places, we must do our best to preserve our nature. Pollution prevention can be done in simple steps such as not littering and saving clean water usage.

In addition, we must also be aware that environmental cleanliness is far more important than the construction of large factories. We certainly do not want to have rapid economic progress, but the quality of our lives and health is low because of the environment affected by pollution.

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