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    Anxiety disorder
    Anxiety disorder

    Anxiety in Teens Doesn’t Always Mean They Have An Anxiety Disorder..

    Compared to most adults, teens lack the skills that come with maturity, which is why they often have a difficult time coping in today’s ever-changing world. With the growing pressure of academic achievement, the biological changes stirring in their young bodies, the competitive nature sometimes caused by these stirrings, and adulthood looming on the horizon, is it any wonder why many are so susceptible to anxiety and panic attacks?]

    Nearing The End of Schooldays..

    There are many teenagers who, nearing the end of their schooldays, have parents desperately wanting to ensure that their grades are high enough to gain entry into reputable colleges. And some parents, pushing them to work even harder, even encourage their teenage children to look beyond academia and start thinking about their future lifestyle, marriage and raising a family.

    Think about it. Is it any wonder some teens, driven by parental pressures, begin having deep stirrings of apprehension and start doubting their own abilities?

    Often Teenagers Experience Anxiety in Ways Others Don’t..

    Adults aren’t the only ones who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Although mild flurries of panic and anxiety in teenagers are often a fairly normal reaction to many of their day-to-day social interactions (exams, dating, competing in sports, performing on stage), some teens experience anxiety in ways others don’t.

    Not unlike the anxiety some young children experience, teens can experience severe anxiety just by thinking about situations that have yet to happen, which often spark irrational fears in them that lead to terrifying panic attacks. The benefits of group study sessions for exam preparation

    Restless Teenagers Often Can Become Over Dramatic..

    Some teenagers do have the tendency to react disproportionately to events and be overly dramatic. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are anxiety prone. But if your child is showing any signs of social withdrawal, or is having difficulty concentrating, or is experiencing sudden outbursts of anger, then first, try setting aside some time to sit with them and have a quiet chat.

    Just letting a teenager know you’re there for them, willing to support them through whatever it is they may be going through in their life, definitely helps ease their concerns.

    When is Too Much, Too Much?

    The benefits of group study sessions for exam preparationUnder normal circumstances pretty much every teenager will feel anxious from time to time. That said, it’s important parents understand and recognise the difference between healthy everyday anxiety and the irrational, debilitating anxiety that’s often the result of an outside force (bullying, peer pressure) – or of some disturbing some experience experienced in their past.

    Teens filled with insecurities and low self-esteem, or teens suffering from depression, often turn to external sources instead of talking to their parents or sharing their fears with close friends. This is where drugs, alcohol, and sexual promiscuity come into play.

    When these pressures continue to build, often troubled teenagers find themselves prepared to do anything, in other words, whatever it takes to alleviate their anxiety – even to the point where some teens contemplate suicide..

    Anxiety in Teens: What to Look For..

    Medical professionals studying anxiety in teenagers have found, for any given situation one teenager’s reaction may be very different from another’s, hence there’s really no uniform set of symptoms. Nevertheless, most teens experiencing anxiety and panic attacks will show at least several of the following signs: shortness of breath, chest pain, heart burn, hyperactivity, palpitations, smothering sensations, sweating or shivering, sometimes numbness in the head or face, stomach pains, neck and shoulder pains for no particular reason, and often, in extreme cases, the fear of going crazy. The benefits of group study sessions for exam preparation

    (Important to note: It is possible that some of the anxiety symptoms described above may be caused by medical, psychological, or physical conditions; or could be the effect of a current medical condition or treatment; or the side effect of a certain medication; or even the body’s natural reaction to intense stimuli. So please, take this into consideration before jumping to conclusions about your teenager’s anxiety condition) The benefits of group study sessions for exam preparation

    If you’re at all concerned about any signs of anxiety in your teenager and would like like to gain a deeper understanding of how anxiety can interfere with a teenager’s development and rob them of their own natural well being, then visit  AnxietyFreeChildren where you will find more detailed information.

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