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Surf on the Kampar River

Surf on the Kampar River
Surf on the Kampar River
Surf on the Kampar River (credit archipilago.id)

Ever imagined that you could surf in the river? Now that delusion can be realized, don’t you believe? Just come to the Kampar river, Pulau Muda, Teluk Meranti District, Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province. This one river is different and special compared to other rivers, because the river’s current can be used for surfing.

Kampar River is said to be a unique and phenomenal river because of the terrible waves that can be ridden by surfers. This has become even more special because we know that not all choppy seas can be used as surfing spots, but this river is actually able to steal the attention of the world’s surfers.

The waves that make this river can be used for surfing are the Bono Waves. This Bono is also known as the Seven Ghost Waves. So named because the waves generated can reach seven layers like a sea wave. If a traveler wants to surf comfortably, consider the following guidelines.

Accommodation on the Kampar River

Teluk Meranti Accommodation
Teluk Meranti Accommodation

Although this spot one is still fairly new in the ranks of tourism destinations, the Riau government is actively tidying up in developing the potential of the Kampar River and its surroundings as a tourist destination which is also an icon of Riau’s tourism. So no need to worry about the facilities there, because for accommodation needs, when arrived at Meranti bay, a traveler can find a number of simple homestays that can be rented.

For stay rates, travelers do not need to worry because homestay rental rates per night can be considered quite affordable so it will not make your bag flat. As for food, at the Kampar river location, it is not too difficult to find a restaurant. Although not luxurious, there are a number of restaurants serving typical flavored foods that are ready to arouse your appetite.

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