Home Travel Only Have Quick Time in Singapore? Come, visit this Free Destination!

Only Have Quick Time in Singapore? Come, visit this Free Destination!

Merlin Statue Singapore
Merlin Statue Singapore
Merlin Statue Singapore

Content IDOnly Have Quick Time in Singapore? Come, visit this Free Destination! For those who will travel overseas and happen to be in transit in Singapore, don’t just spend your time at the airport. Visit this Merlion Statue. One more thing, to visit it also does not need an entrance fee or free!

Small chili, that’s Singapore. Singapore is a small country located in the middle of the Southeast Asian region. Although the area is smaller than Bali, the charm of this former British colony is able to attract millions of tourists to visit it. One of the most hits destinations to date is the Statue of Merlion or the Sea Lion. The Merlion Sculpture with Marina Bay Building

Merlion is one of the best-known symbols for tourists visiting Singapore. The Merlion statue is located in the heart of Singapore, precisely in the Merlion Park area adjacent to the Fullerton Hotel. The characteristics of the Merlion statue are lion-headed but fishy. With only 8.6 meters high and weighs up to 70 tons. Merlion Sculpture

The Merlion statue itself was designed by Fraser Brunner and was inaugurated by Singapore’s then prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew in 1972. The purpose of the Merlion Statue development was as a tourism publication campaign in Singapore. Until now, the Merlion statue has attracted millions of tourists from all corners of the world to come even if it is just having fun in the background with an increasingly charming lion statue with views of the bay of Marina and the unique Marina Bay Sands building.

Not only tourists who are aiming for business or tourism in Singapore who took the time to visit the Merlion statue area. For those of you who really only transit in Singapore, you can make a short visit to this place. Besides being free, to get to this place is very easy, you can take the Monorail Train (MRT) which is about half an hour from Changi Airport to Marina Bay.

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