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How To Make $20-$50 Per Day With AdSense and Quizzes

Adsense is for Everyone
Adsense is for Everyone
Adsense is for Everyone
Adsense is for Everyone

Introduction: Quizzes are becoming more and more popular these days and are used by different companies and not only for entertaining but also to collect information and/or to create viral content. It is not a secret that quizzes work really well for traffic monetization which is one of the reasons why many publishers (site owners) use them on their sites or even create quiz-only sites.

I mentioned AdSense in the topic as this is the most popular ad network in the world, however, this method can work with any other network, and it would work even better if you have other networks than AdSense or have multiple ad networks in addition to AdSense.

Description: Traffic performance and user behavior are important things that define your ad profit and monetization. We are going to use a quiz to get the most from user visits in order to squeeze maximum monetization from the ads on the site. The more page views and ad impressions traffic is going to generate – the more money you will make, it can be $20 per day or $2,000 per day, it’s all in your hands.

By making users browse a lot of pages where each page has multiple ad units we generate paid ad impressions and clicks with every page that the user goes through. 10 questions = 10+ pages per visit.

What you need:
– WordPress (or other CMS)
– Any Quiz Plugin (preferably the one that allows ads in it)
– AdSense (and/or other AdNetworks account)
– Traffic

Process/How it works:
– Set up the quiz with multiple questions (10+)
– Set up ad units around the quiz content area
– Traffic browsing through the quiz will browse more pages than on the article and generate paid ad impressions and clicks bringing you revenue

The content is the key. If your quizzes have no value to users – they will not engage, therefore you need to spend time choosing the right niche that can fit your audience. If you can’t hire a professional writer – don’t get upset, you can create quizzes yourself using Wikipedia, it’s not too hard, just requires time. I suggest not to copy from other sites as you may have copyright issues as well as get issues with AdSense for duplicating content.

How to make quizzes using Wiki:

In this example I am going to talk about an auto quiz, however, it can be applied to any other niche.
We are going to make a quiz about the Peugeot auto brand and its models. The wiki has all the info, including names, dates, pictures and everything else you may need in order to create an engaging quiz.

Each question comes with multiple choice answers where one is correct, and others are wrong.

You can have questions like:
– What is the name of Peugeot founder?
– How many models did Peugeot have before World War?
– What is the name of the first Peugeot model?
– What model is this? (picture of the model taken from Wikipedia)
– What year was model X built?
– What award did Peugeot receive in 2017?
– What model won a rally in 2017?
– What model drove on Le Mans?
– What else Peugeot manufactures?
– What’s the name of this concept?

How To Get Traffic: It is not that hard to get traffic on quizzes, as people already like them. When you create a quiz you can go to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and simply share links to your quizzes. The key here is to post your link to a relevant group, so if you’re making a quiz about Peugeot post it in the Peugeot related group or an auto-fan group, French car groups, etc.

Posting to fan groups is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic, some of my posts brought me over 1000 visits per post.

If you already an active member of specific groups you can create content aimed for that specific group. E.g. you’re active in ‘Coyote Peterson’ fan group > create content about Brave Wilderness episodes. This is one of the easiest ways, I found that movies and tv shows work really well.

Monetization: Just by having ads on the site you will already make money. It is better to have ad networks that pay you on CPM, not just for clicks, however, you will still get more clicks as users browse more pages and spend more time on the site. To maximize your revenue you can run multiple ad networks and have an ad server or for a more simple setup you can use Passbacks > you can read about it here (scroll to ‘How do I run a dozen networks on the site”)


– Don’t make a quiz too easy or too hard, it should be possible to pass. If you can engage the visitor to continue to another quiz then you can create even more page views and generate even more revenue.

– For SEO purposes make sure that the quiz plugin that you are using makes internal pages of the quiz (questions) not indexed, as this might be considered as thin content.

– If you building a quiz-only website – make sure you got very long descriptions and welcome pages.

– If your plugin does not come with the ad widgets – make sure that your theme supports ads within the quiz

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