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How To Get Traffic Thousands Of Free Traffic To Your Blog

How To Get Traffic Thousands Of Free Traffic To Your Blog
How To Get Traffic Thousands Of Free Traffic To Your Blog
How To Get Traffic Thousands Of Free Traffic To Your Blog
How To Get Traffic Thousands Of Free Traffic To Your Blog

Writing on your blog and no one reads your post is the worst feeling in this world. Don’t advertise but promote. Everything with proof.

Make a Facebook group

Facebook launched its new algorithm at the end of 2018, they allocate more priority to what your friends are posting and the groups you have joined. Most of the companies see a clear downfall in their engagement rate through Facebook pages. This gives new rise to Facebook groups.

If you are writing about “Fitness” then make sure you have a Facebook group related to Fitness, so whenever you have a new blog post, share it that group. The technology is changing every day, new and more efficient ways are coming to the Internet. So, if a Facebook group is not looking for anything to you, you should rethink it.

Find low competitive keywords

Through search engine you can find a lot of information, more than 2 billion searches are performed every day on Google. The people who come to your site through a search engine are more interested to buy your course or product or perform any other money-making activity.

You can find low competition keywords using Ahref or SEMrush. Once, you find a good keyword to rank, write a very quality blog post about it and optimize it for the search engine by including images, videos, and interlinks. Make backlinks on Web2 blogs and other sites. Enjoy evergreen blog traffic for all life. One advantage of a low competitive keyword is “It ranks faster” ranking on Google takes time but if there isn’t any information available about a keyword, you can rank on №1 spot in very less time. I use the same procedure for my YouTube video.

Write long-tail titles

Long-tail titles have multiple keywords, the chances of getting ranked on multiple keywords can increase the likelihood of getting more people from the search engine. Not all people search the exact keyword, so whenever someone is searching for a term, Google will show your link on top 10 because of the availability of that keyword in the title of your blog post.

There are multiple studies that have confirmed that writing long-tail titles can help you in your content marketing strategy.

Turn on Push notifications

Suppose a person visited your site from the search engine, she might be looking for some information, she left your site and you never heard of her.

In the other scenario, another blogger has a Push notification, she visited his site and opted for getting future notification. That particular blogger converted one visit to a long time reader.

The previous year, I have contacted a company about a paid guest post opportunity and they send me the complete follower range. They have sent me 70,000 Push notification followers. A push notification company sends a signal to your subscriber every time you publish a post.

The best company you should go to is OneSignal push notification.

Make a Quora space

Women, I don’t know that before Quora gives me the opportunity to create a Space on Quora. I made one space related to blogging and how to blog effectively. It has over 12K followers and is generating 100 of free traffic to my blog.

Convert your blog posts into Videos

Video is the future. Most of the bloggers who converted their blog posts into articles got hundreds of thousands of views on their videos and also countless traffic for their blog posts. You can make hundreds of bucks on that videos and also more subscribers and grow your brand.

There are multiple ways through which you can convert your blog post into Video. You can pay anyone on Fiverr Or use websites to just add information and make tutorial videos.

Don’t miss Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best ways to get free traffic for life. Read the article below to get complete information about Pinterest marketing.

Collect emails from your blog

Email is a more personalized way to reach your target audience. There are different companies that provide services to send bulk emails for free but obviously, they charged you if you exceed the limit. You can collect emails from your blog post reader by either providing the opportunity to get a free ebook or a gift about the topic you are writing about.

The email follower is your gang, you can go send them anything and they will be interested to buy. The Opening rate of the Emails is now decreased to 30% but still, there is a countless marketer who uses email marketing.

Add a link of your blog post to your Quora answers

You are writing about “Dating” and you find a keyword “How to approach girls in college” where a Quora answer has been ranked on Google. Write an answer and add a link to your answer, but one thing you need to know is; Don’t add ads on your blog or any other monetization if you just want to promote your content, add your links in your answer. (source, medium)

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