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How to Beat the Battle of an Ineffective Blog

Outgoing domains

We talk about ways to profit from the Internet, effective and feasible ways.

Where we talked about many ways, the most important of which are profit from Facebook, profit from writing articles, profit from Android applications, profit from shortening links, profit from selling books, and profit from five and independent.

And many other effective ways of profit, and with tips for advancing in the right way and increasing your profits. You can also browse other methods by accessing the profit section of the internet in the blog, but today we will talk about a way to profit from the internet that is not spread by the Arabs or do not like to be published in the Arabic content. The method is profit from The domains, i.e., the method revolves around buying and selling a domain at a higher or very high price (fictional price).

In the beginning, I will mention some of you who are lucky to become a millionaire from selling domains, for example, insurance.com domain, which was sold for 35.6 million dollars in 2010, and Domaine Lasvegas.com was sold for more than 11 million dollars, knowing that its owner spent only 60 Dollars or less This is another list on Wikipedia for the most expensive domains that have been sold.

But this method depends on several factors such as the capital you start with, the way you understand the method, and make an effort to acquire the domain and the luck, which also has a big role.

We will explain this method and its aspects in detail on how to find distinct domains in order to trade:

To find distinct domains and trade in them, you have two basic ways by purchasing new distinct domains or sniping out for domains.

First: Searching for expired domains

Outgoing domains
These are the domains that existed before that and the owner of the domain did not renew for any reason, and you can find millions of them on a site like
expired domains

Then filtering by extension, the number of characters, or that do not contain numbers or the number of Backlink Linux and many other filters.

Second: Finding new distinct domains to trade-in

Here we try to search for new domains that have a distinguished name and have not been used before that.
The domain or domain is considered distinct in case it has:

  1. The name is simple and has meaning
  2. Fast save
  3. Short contains three or four letters or contains an attractive and well-known word
  4. It does not contain numbers if it is traded on foreign sites – the situation differs with Arab domains
  5. Keyword has a large search rate on Google
  6. Or a keyword with a high CPC

Now that you find a good and distinguished domain from one of the above methods, do not rush to buy it. There are some steps that you must take to ensure that this domain is distinguished and that it is worth buying next to a name.
First, you must ensure that it is not attended by Google
Not attending
We all know Google and its importance and weight. When a domain is prohibited in this giant engine is useless because you do lose millions of visitors who Bebgeson about your site content through Google you can see if the domain is banned in Google through search in case Google and you can do so by writing cache: domainmame.com

That is, you type the domain name after case and you see whether the domain you are looking for is available or not Second, make sure that the domain is not prohibited by Google Adsense

Google Adsense is not prohibited

Adsense is a very unfortunate thing that you should check before buying a domain You can find out if the site is banned in Adsense or not through these sites is banned, banned check site, but this never prevents if you find a triple or quadruple domain. For the domain

The domain authority and the beige authority domain

The domain authority is one of the most important factors for ranking sites currently with Google, and it also gives a glimpse of the power of the backlink links that are associated with this domain. Thus obtaining a domain with a high domain name is an excellent opportunity to benefit from this domain or return a sale again. You can check the domain name and beige. and PA through the popular website Moz moz / ose.

For more information about the domain and the beige, my domain: domain Fourth: Check the site’s beige rank
Domina trading

Although the Beige Rank is dead, but also obtaining a domain for a big Rank is a good opportunity as well because there are some who invest in setting up a site and then reselling the links and the backlink to other sites because you get links from sites that have a high Big Rank improves well your results On the search engines and with a number of other features and benefits, you can check the site’s beige rank here check page rank smallseotools.com/google-pagerank-checker For more information about Beige Rank: Beige Rank is now in a situation where we can find a distinct and finished domain. We would like a purchase. We must know the domain at any stage now.

The stages of the domain life or the life cycle of the domain

Domina trading

Not just the expiration of the domain becomes available for reservation, as there are a number of stages that the ending domain passes before it becomes available for reservation again, which is what is known as the stages of the age of the domain:

The first stage: the domain is available for reservation available domains.

Here the domain does not belong to anyone and it is available to anyone to reserve the domain from any site to reserve domain, such as Godaddy

The second stage: the domain is registered domain

Here the domain belongs to one of the people who made a purchase, whether for a year or more, the third stage: the domain is over That is, the owner of the domain did not renew, so the company suspends the domain and consequently the site becomes inactive within 24 hours of the expiration of the domain and you contact the owner of the domain to renew it and here the owner of the primary domain can renew the domain again without problems and here we note that he cannot transfer The domain to another domain registrar except after a renewal of the same company first again and no one else can buy this domain. This period ranges from one day to 45 days according to the policy of each site and you can know it by contacting the registered domain company to know when it becomes available again

The fourth stage: Fun For Redemption or Redemption: Redemption (Grace) Period

After the end of the previous stage, the domain enters a new phase for a month during which the owner of the domain can renew it again, but a very high fee is imposed on him, which of its name redeemed his domain in exchange for these large fees.

Fifth stage: Pending Delete stage:

At this stage, the owner of the domain cannot regain it again and continues for 5 days. You cannot do anything bad waiting for the domain to become available again,
then return to the first case, which anyone can reserve again, but are the distinctive ending domains waiting for the last stage?

Of course, the domain controllers can buy them, of course not, before launching the domain again and arriving at the last stage so that it becomes available to everyone. It is subject to an auction and the highest bidder is the one who gets it.

Sites where you can bid on at this stage Domains


Namejet Reviews


sites where you can view the Domains for sale some of you have a unique domain you are likely to sell through some auction sites like Godaddy and Sedo


Arab Domains you can view also in Arabic sites and forums such as Trident, as there is a special section for trading in domains. Until here, we will cover the most important thing related to trading in domains or profit from buying and selling domains to the meeting in future lessons and articles about profit from selling domains.