Awesome Education Deals during COVID-19

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15 Singkatan Yang Sering Digunakan Pada Masa Pandemi Virus Corona
15 Singkatan Yang Sering Digunakan Pada Masa Pandemi Virus Corona

In today’s difficult times, most companies within the world have two main pains: the way to survive during a falling market and the way to transfer all their processes to the remote. As this trend is applicable to most companies within the world, many of them are now trying to support one another. Below are the Education companies offering free or discounted tools during COVID-19.

  1. Deal From Coursera
    This platform has made 3,800 courses available for free.
    Coursera is a platform for online education that among others gives access to such business-related courses as data science, digital marketing, and others.
    Offer Link: Click Here 85
  2. Deal from Github
    Now teachers can use GitHub Classroom to automate grading process and share more specific, constant feedback with their students at no cost.
    An online platform that allows users to build, store and share software code with friends, co-workers, classmates, etc.
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  3. Deal from StoryShots
    30% OFF Lifetime Premium Access
    Have you ever left a great book unfinished? Instead, learn or review the key takeaways of bestselling nonfiction books in minutes. For FREE.
    Enjoy unlimited ad-free premium access for as low as $8.99
    Follow the redemption link your phone or tablet
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  4. Deal from Eduflow
    Free until August 2020.
    Eduflow is a place to run engaging online courses where people actually learn something.
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  5. Motimate AS
    Motimate AS gives a free premium subscription until 1 August 2020 – 4 months free use for all organizations (full access/all features). Also, company opens free COVID-19 course.
    Training and communication made fun & easy. Mobile first. Using Motimate employees/users can share successes, seek knowledge and learn from each other.
    Offer Link: Click Here 68