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8 Beautiful Beach in Bali for Family Travel

8 Bali Beaches for Family Travel

8 Bali Beaches for Family Travel8 Bali Beaches for Family Travel (Credit thebalibible.com)

Content ID8 Bali Beaches for Family Travel. Which regional dance is Kecak dance? Anyone knows? Yupp ,, Bali! Okay Guys, let’s go on a trip to Bali this time. The neighboring island of Java has a variety of tourist attractions, both natural and culinary tourism. But since in Bali, it’s good for us to enjoy and share 8 Exotic beaches in Bali.

For Traveler who are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Bali, some of the beaches in Bali below might be a reference here ..

Jimbaran Beach

On this beach will be crowded by visitors and live music at nightfall. This area stands many restaurants with a variety of fresh seafood dishes. You can also enjoy the beautiful dinner on the beach which has many tables and chairs available.

Jimbaran Beach Bali has beautiful sunset views, so it’s no wonder Jimbaran beach is one of the favorite places to enjoy the sunset/sunset in Bali.

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Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is a beach in Bali that is suitable for enjoying the sunrise / sunrise. The beach, which is located east of Denpasar, has calm wave characteristics. This condition provides benefits for lovers of snorkeling and diving sports, especially for beginners.

Imagine snorkeling or diving while waiting for the charm of the rising sun … surely fun?

Because the waves are calm, Sanur Beach Bali is not suitable for surfing. Do you want to take a photo prewedding? Sanur beach seems to be suitable for those of you who want to take pictures of sunny fun.

Lovina Beach

The beach, which is arguably less famous, offers the charm of a black sand beach with natural attractions from dolphins. Many dolphin statues that we can find because it is indeed an icon of Lovina beach in Bali.

It is recommended to come to this beach early in the morning, because you will see tens to hundreds of dolphins swimming at this beach, but you have to ride a boat with a capacity of 6 people to get a closer look.

Lovina Beach is located in the North Bali region, approximately 9 KM to the west of the city of Singaraja.

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland Beach means the land of dreams, it is said that the locals hope the tourist and housing projects at these locations can provide them with better land for work, but unfortunately in the end the construction of large projects is hampered and cannot be completed.

Well, this beach will provide a quiet effect that is far from the hustle and bustle of tourists who visit, but the beauty here is not inferior to Kuta beach.

The beauty of the clean white dreamland beach sand, exotic coral cliffs, and large waves are the main attraction. This beach is often a destination for surfers.

Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is a secret beach in Bali that is suitable for you who don’t like crowded atmosphere. The beach which is located behind a limestone cliff has a view of the sunrise that is worth enjoying.

Pandawa Beach, which is located in the South Kutu District, is approximately 18 KM from the airport. Unfortunately, there are no public transportation passing and passing lanes around the location, so you have to bring private vehicles, taxis, or rent a vehicle.

Kuta Beach

Now for school children who take the school tour, surely if you go to Bali Kuta beach is a must-visit beach. Some say that going to Bali isn’t going to Kuta, it’s not fun.

Yes really, this beach is famous for its sunset beach, because here you will be presented with an exotic panorama when the sun begins to set, signifying the night is coming.

This beach also has waves that are friendly for beginner surfers. In addition, various shopping places, hotels, gift shops, and others can be found here. Complete the point!

Padang Padang Beach

This beach is located in the area of ​​Pecatu, the fun of this beach is not many people know about its beauty among Indonesians.

Well, this Padang beach is hidden behind a cliff, and the journey to this beach must be passed by taking the road that is only wide enough for one person. Its beauty is also not inferior to Kuta beach tablets.

Padang Padang Beach was chosen by Michael Learn to Rock music groups to shoot one of their video clips. In addition, it also became one of the shooting sports for the film Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Robert.

Melasti Beach

One more beach in Bali that is not too famous, but save a lot of beauty in itself. Melasti Beach.

You can make this beach a tourist destination too. This beach has a unique and beautiful sunset.

Well, hopefully, a brief info about the beautiful beaches in Bali to travel with this family can be useful for you all yaa… Happy Holidays!

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