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10 Beautiful Oceania Countries that you might not know about

10 Beautiful Oceania Countries that you might not know about
10 Beautiful Oceania Countries that you might not know about
10 Beautiful Oceania Countries that you might not know about (foto asiapasific.ca)

Content ID10 Beautiful Oceania Countries that you might not know about. Oceania is a vast territory in the Pacific Ocean. This location is home to sparkling white sandy beaches and thousands of coconut trees that endlessly dance the samba. This place is also a paradise for beautiful coral reefs and neatly lined volcanic islands.

Its location is in the Pacific Ocean and tends to be remote so not many tourists visit there even this place also escapes the radar of seasoned travelers. Though there are stored natural beauty that is very beautiful to be enjoyed. Here is a list of 10 Oceania countries that you have never heard of.

Republic of Fiji

Republic of the Islands of Fiji is an island nation located in the Oceania continent. The country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the south, Vanuatu to the east, Tonga to the west and Tuvalu to the south. The country with a capital in the city of Suva has 322 islands where 106 of them are inhabited islands.

Maybe Fiji is the only country in Oceania that is already a bit familiar to the traveler. In Fiji, you will experience being in a tropical paradise with beautiful beach views, stunning blue lagoons with lined palm trees.

The country of no more than one million people is also famous for its exotic sunset attractions. There are also beautiful waterfalls, surf areas, and unspoiled rain forests. The Fijians are also famous for being friendly which will definitely make the tourists more comfortable.

Republic of Kiribati

Have you ever heard the name of this country? The Republic of Kiribati is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. There are 33 coral islands with beautiful lagoons called atolls. The official language of this country is English.

Although the place is secluded off the Pacific Ocean Kiribati has a natural beauty that is second to none. The beach there is an average of white sand sparkling with clear water as clear as glass. You could say Kiribati is the right place for lazing around enjoying the cool beach views.

Republic of Vanuatu

In the southern Pacific Ocean, there is an island nation called Vanuatu. There are around 83 islands included in this tropical archipelago. The country which was formerly called the New Hebrides is rich in traditional culture. The citizens are also very friendly to visitors who come so that this country is also dubbed as the happiest country on earth.

Many beaches and beautiful islands are fun to explore using a boat. Vanuatu tourism itself is centered on the islands of Efate, Tanna, and Espiritu Santo. For foreign tourists who want to visit can do flights to Port-Vila, it is the capital of Vanuatu. from there a traveler can continue the journey by boat.

Republic of Palau

You certainly don’t know if in the north of West Papua Province there is an island nation called Palau. The official name is the Republic of Palau and is a country in the Oceania region. This country is still relatively young because it only gained independence in 1994.

The tourists who visit the country the most are from Japan, Korea, and China. In Palau, tourists will be spoiled by the hidden beach where the beach is still natural and covered with dense vegetation. The main island there is Koror Island where two-thirds of Palau residents inhabit the island.


In the past, Tuvalu was known as the Ellice Islands. This country is located between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu’s closest neighbors are Kiribati, Nauru, Samoa, and Fiji. With a land area of ​​only 26 square kilometers, the population in this country is only tens of thousands. Imagine how lonely living there.

The most popular tourist attraction there is a giant lagoon named lagoon Funafuti located in the capital Funafuti. This lagoon has a length of 14 kilometers and a width of 18 kilometers making it the right place for snorkeling and swimming. All citizens’ activities are also centered in the city.

Republic of Nauru

With an area of ​​only 21 square kilometers, Nauru is the smallest republic in the world. Before using the official name as it is now, this country was known as Pleasant Island. The country that does not have an official capital is only inhabited by approximately 10,000 people and is famous for its phosphate mining.

Unfortunately, Nauru is not like other islands that have exotic tropical islands. Although surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, the interior of the island has been damaged by phosphate mining activities. That’s why tourism activities in this country can be considered undeveloped. But if you want to enjoy traveling there are still a number of hotels and small beaches that are a remedy for disappointment.


Samoa adds another list of the smallest countries in the world between New Zealand and Hawaii. The country that was once named German Samoa consisted of 9 islands. This is the right place to experience the most authentic natural beauty of Polynesia.

Almost the entire landscape of this country is filled with waterfalls and white sand beaches. For foreign travelers who want to feel the excitement in this country can visit the capital of Apia which is on the island of Upolu which is the largest and most populous island there.

Kingdom of Tonga

The country consists of 176 islands, 36 of which are inhabited. The Kingdom of Tonga is one of many countries in Oceania. It is located in the northeast of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. The country is blessed with fertile soil suitable for agricultural land.

Like the islands, beaches and coral reefs are the main weapons of their tourism. The beach is a whale migration path that returns to its birthplace to breed. So that not infrequently the tourists come there to witness firsthand the attractions of whales in the wild.

Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are in the southern Pacific Ocean. The country is bordered by Nauru and Kiribati to the south, Micronesia to the west, and Wake Island to the north. Its location is remote so that not much can be scanned from this country.

Some activities that are commonly done there are diving activities. At least 160 species of coral reef surround the island. Some uninhabited islands are used for coconut and papaya plantations.

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is one of the British Commonwealth countries. The country gained its independence in 1978. This island nation is located east of Papua New Guinea. Its territory consists of 1,000 tropical islands located in remote areas making it a hidden gem for connoisseurs of marine tourism.

The Solomon Islands Sea is also a paradise for divers with coral reefs and abundant marine life. The main islands that are popular to visit are Guadalcanal, Malaita, Choiseul, New Georgia, San Cristobal, and Santa Isabel. The capital of Honiara, on Guadalcanal, is also worth a visit. There are museums, botanical gardens, and Chinatown.

Knowing the countries in Oceania is expected to be an additional reference for you to travel next year. New tourist destinations will certainly provide an unforgettable experience.

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